Cooking in Chinese: Ribs ~ 美式牛肋排

Last week, my friend Greg Hsu posted a picture of some ribs he made with his roommate, Eric Ness.

Greg and Eric's Ribs

After we wiped our saliva off his Facebook page, he told us how it’s done:

What you need:
1) One standard rack of ribs, Kroger/nothing special.
2) One large crock pot
3) Barbecue sauces (nothing fancy, Sweet Baby Ray’s and Kraft Original thick and spicy)
4) Three hours of doing nothing. Not even 3 hours. 2 hours 48 minutes.

Take rack of ribs out and wash/rinse meat. Pat dry.
Cut into three similar-sized pieces. Put pieces into crock pot.
Pour sauces onto ribs pieces and baste/spread evenly over the meat.
Put the crock pot on “LOW” cook setting. Leave for 2 hours 45 minutes.

What I will say is that this method does NOT seem to cause the sauce taste to penetrate much. The meat itself SINGS though. Next time I’ll marinate the meat though to see if it improves the depth of the taste in addition to the excellent cooking.

I had to give a presentation about “something delicious” the next week. The greatest ribs since Adam’s were a great match, since they were so simple and so American. I added these explanatory notes:

It’s very important to be patient when you’re cooking meat. You have to cook the inside without burning the outside.
Because the pot is sealed, the meat won’t dry out.
Freshness is also important. Fresh meat is healthier and more delicious. Don’t freeze meat! It won’t taste the same after it’s thawed.

Then I translated:

美式牛肋排   史杰輝

My classmates weren’t sure they had the patience to cook this, but were sure they wanted to try it. Well done, Greg, Eric, and Cow!

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