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First of all, THANK YOU to the Tamana and Kumamoto newspapers and CLAIR for putting us ALTs in print!

玉名新聞ALT挨拶 ~ ALT Greetings in the Tamana Newspaper (2008年8月)
I said: “Nice to meet you. My name is James Smyth, and I’m the new ALT in Tensui. I’m from Indiana in the United States of America. I graduated from Duke University in North Carolina this May. I studied Philosophy, Spanish, Math, and Chinese there. I’ve always wanted to come to Japan. I’m an inexperienced 22-year old, but I’ll do my best. The people of Tamana have given me a very warm welcome. Please be kind to me!”

ジンバブエに文房具を / Donating School Supplies to Zimbabwe
This is the article in the Kumamoto Daily News (熊本日日新聞) about Azwinndini Ratshionya’s campaign in winter 2009 to send hundreds of kilograms of school supplies to Zimbabwe. I didn’t write it, but I did translate this story previously. I see that Tanabe High School in Wakayama did the same thing this spring!

玉名新聞ALT挨拶/Second Year Greeting in the Tamana Newspaper (2009年11月)
I’m pointing to my name on my shoe locker. I said: “Thank you for taking care of me last year. Tamana and Tensui’s summer festivals were wonderful. Tensui’s students and Tamana’s citizens taught me the joys of Japanese life. I was really happy. I’ll never forget the Culture Festival, Sports Festival, English Recitation Contest, Graduation, Masses on Holy Week, and the God of Fire Festival. I’m looking forward to this year, too! Please be kind to me!”

ALT(ジェームス先生)とのお別れ ~ Farewell to James(2010年7月)
The Principal of Oama Higashi Elementary School wrote this upon my departure. Here’s my translation.

玉名新聞別れの言葉 ~ Farewell Message in Tamana Newspaper (2010年7月)
I said, “I joyfully wish you prosperity in this, the beginning of summer. Two years ago, I came to Tamana. After my welcome at the Board of Education, I enjoyed a barbecue with my host family. It was a stormy day, and the family’s two-year old child was afraid of the lightning. I was asked what “kowai” means in English, and I answered “scary.” From that time onward, I’ve come to understand the joy of teaching English at Tensui and Ikura schools as well as the International Society. I express my sincere thanks to everyone for taking care of me these past two years. From September, I am going to study Chinese at National Taiwan University. I’m sad to leave Tamana, but I’ll give it my all at school.”
Many thanks to my editor (編集者) for the newspaper articles, Kazuki Akaishi (明石和貴).

自治体国際化フォーラム: ふるさと ~ My Hometown
This article was published in the JET forum of the Japanese government’s Council for Local and International Relations (CLAIR), which sponsors the JET Program. I wrote it in Japanese and translated it into English. A sincere thank-you goes to my friend and editor (編集者) Akihiro Tomita (冨田晃弘).

I also wrote an article about the 2009 Tamana Christmas Party. I’ll upload that when I have the chance.

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