Runners, Hackers, Teachers, and Schemers

Aussie marathon man to run from North to South poles for charity.
There are so many people doing incredible things we’ll never know about. I love his perspective on his abilities: “I believe I’m born with a gift,” Farmer, 48, told AFP. “My gift is to be able to run long distances faster and perhaps further than any other person on Earth, so I figure I’d be a fool if I had this gift and didn’t use it.” In other words, he isn’t better than anyone else: he was different from the time he was born; he can’t explain it; he wants to make the most of it.

Chinese city is world’s hacker hub
Isn’t this great? A den of pirates that look like they aren’t doing anything? I imagine a swarm of swarthy gentlemen slurping up 10 cent cups of ramen noodles in the mess hall and keeping their eyes glued to their screens. A horde of shirtless programmers pounding away at keyboards in the galleys. Vending machines in place of barrels of rum. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t laugh about this too hard since I’m well within range of their cannons now.

Why the United States Should Look to Japan for Better Schools
This editorial is five years old, but I don’t think it’s been discussed enough. Japan is serious about teacher training, and they do it for their teachers’ entire careers. In my opinion, the best way to improve is to teach in front of other teachers, then hear their critiques. It’s more real than studying reading books of theory before going to a classroom, then never getting trained again after you’re established. I’ve seen even 50-year olds benefit from the suggestions of others. Maybe one reason the mandatory retirement age is so low (60) is that they don’t want people who are set in their ways.

Why Americans can’t write political fiction.
This is an in-depth comparison of American and European writing in the genre. I must add that perhaps the greatest political novel was “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” written by Luo Guanzhong in the 14th century. It covers a hundred years of intrigue and civil war following the collapse of the Han Dynasty in the second century. It’s a Chinese proverb that the young shouldn’t read Luo’s “Outlaws of the Marshes” because it would inspire them to a life of crime, and the old shouldn’t read “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” for the same reason.

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