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Youth unemployment is Spain’s biggest problem. Total unemployment is over 20%, and for those under 25 it’s over 40%. Many dropped out of school to work during the good times, and now they’re struggling to compete with college graduates who have had to take positions they are overqualified for themselves. Their lives are wasting away. El País is dedicating a major series to the problem, which demands significant change.

In Japanese law, a wrongfully convicted person is entitled to 10,000-12,500 yen ($120-150) for each day he spent in prison, unable to work. Mr. Toshikazu Sugaya, whose conviction for kidnapping and murdering a 4-year old girl in Ashikaga was overturned on DNA evidence, is going to receive 79,930,000 yen, roughly $950,000, in exchange for 6395 days of punishment for another man’s crime. He’s 64 now, and he’s earned a retirement fund in a very different way than his peers.

This is a great send-up of the dialogues in Eigo Noto (English Notebook), the textbook the Japanese government is now providing for 5th- and 6th-grade English classes.

Since July, the town of Mugi has been using a more ecological and economical method to cut its grass: goats! Now more goats are going to work on the grass around some major highways. Gou, Meme, and Mei eat 15 kilograms per day. Gou, who seems to be the Takeru Kobayashi of grass, clears two-thirds of that by himself.

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