Response to Matsumoto’s Criticism of Americans

This made me really angry, but for the opposite reason my Japanese friend who posted this was angry. The tone of the two announcers is totally out of line. In a poll, more than half of Americans said they wouldn’t apologize for the atomic bombings, and Matsumoto thinks it’s because they don’t understand what really happened there and how many people died. I wouldn’t have dropped the bomb myself, because I don’t believe in deliberately attacking civilians, but I completely understand why our ancestors did it. We know how many died. But if we hadn’t dropped the bomb, even more people would have died. America decided to drop the bombs because of the Battle of Okinawa. The Japanese military kept sending young boys as kamikaze pilots to crash their planes into our ships, and they kept pushing civilians into our line of fire. America realized that if we had to invade Japan, the way we invaded Okinawa, we would have had to kill everyone in our path. At least a couple million people would have died. They decided it was better to kill thousands with the atomic bombs than millions with a land invasion. Americans understand that.

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