Words I Taught Eugene

My friend Eugene Yu is a polyglot, so whenever I find an interesting vocab word, I drop it in his box. For example,

いたらない娘ですがよろしくお願いします - I hope you will take good care of my daughter.
胡散臭い(うさんくさい) – suspicious looking. 胡 is the Hu in Hu Jintao.
旨い – うまい
戦く(おののく) – tremble/shiver
過疎化現象 – the drift of population away from the countryside
貫禄 – dignity
几帳面 – methodical, punctual
幾何 – geometry
気紛れ – a caprice, a whim
驚異 – a marvel, a wonder
京 – 1 trillion
苦悶(Kumon) – agony, anguish
迎合主義 – opportunism
魚雷 – torpedo
染色体 – chromosome
泥縄(どろなわ)式に - a little too late; at the eleventh hour.
なぞらえる 準える – 《たとえる》 compare; liken (( a thing to another )); 《似せる》model (( a thing after [on] an…
飛来(ひらい) – come flying
宵っ張り ~をする – sit [stay] up late at night; 〜の朝寝坊をする  keep late hours.

One-character abbreviations for countries:


ほこり – (1) pride; (2) dust. They are homonyms.

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