Latin Dance Final: Choreography for “Oye Como Va” as recorded by Santana

Performed with Kathryn Wooten

Style: Cha-cha

Start music at the top (0:00)

  1. Basic
  2. Underarm turn
  3. Crossover breaks with walk-around
  4. Basic
  5. Cuddle
  6. Progressive with chase turn
  7. Basic with quarter turn
  8. Extended (2-step) cross-over breaks with walk-around
  9. Progressive changing to 2-hand hold
  10. Progressive triple steps
  11. Basic
  12. Underarm turn with hand change (handshake) leading to swing-style underarm turn
  13. 2 basics with side breaks rather than rock steps
  14. Basic with walk-arounds rather than rock steps
  15. Basic
  16. On right side, half-walk around so male and female are back to back on next triple step, then half-walk around so they are facing each other again
  17. Basic
  18. Cuddle turn.  Rather than unwinding, go into progressive step
  19. On the second progressive step, unwind, then triple step to the left side followed by walk-around
  20. 3 consecutive triple steps, turning clockwise in a circle, then a rock step
  21. Repeat, turning clockwise again but with reversed footing and arm styling
  22. Triple step right followed by a dip for the finale

Stop music exactly at 2:08.  Cue: Eighth notes building in a crescendo, then a triplet followed by an accented note.  Stop the music after that.

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