Latin Dance Final: “El Tango de Roxanne”

Halley Hu and James Smyth

Style: Tango

Performed with Halley Hu

Intro: Walk around in circles, man stands behind woman

0:27 (orchestra begins)

  1. Woman turns and dips to the man’s left side, learning back on his left hand, rises, turns in a circle in three steps to get to his right side
  2. Woman dips into a kneeling position at man’s right side, rises
  3. Woman: one fan to man’s right, pause, three quick fans L-R-L
  4. Man fans right leg backward; three-step 360 degree turn clockwise
  5. Quickly dip left side hands, rise
  6. Feint right, mini-dip left, turn, corte
  7. Woman sweeps right leg as both turn 180 degrees to rise from corte
  8. Slow turns as man’s right foot leads and pushes woman’s left foot forward
  9. Woman fans, lifts right leg, taps floor, then steps and fans, wraps left leg around right, steps and fans
  10. Deep dip to man’s right side which snaps up when the last note of Jacek Koman’s elongated “Roxanne”

1:04 (Jacek Koman singing)

  1. Basic
  2. Right side fan
  3. Basic with turn on quick steps ends in promenade position
  4. Open fan with underarm turn into open position rather than wrist pull.  In second half of figure, one-and-one half turn rather than quick step finish, end in cuddle position
  5. In cuddle position, three quick steps turning 180 degrees clockwise, pause, four quick steps clockwise followed by spinning woman out for a couple measures

1:39 (Ewan McGregor singing)

  1. Double corte
  2. Valentino for one measure
  3. Double fan

2:01 (Both singing descending lines)

  1. Woman: quick vertical dip, slow rise
  2. Back rock, three-step clockwise turn, two-step basic finish
  3. Three quick forward steps led by L, pause, three quick forward steps led by R
  4. Back rock, three-step clockwise turn, two-step basic finish
  5. Two quick steps, J-dip (stretch left hand high and fan left leg; body looks like J).  Repeat, then three-step basic finish.
  6. Natural turn, hand change (man’s L to man’s R)
  7. Inside spin, dip to man’s L side
  8. Outside spin, same tempo, arm styling
  9. Finale: Inside spin, woman drapes R leg over male’s L leg and leans on him

2:35 – Music Stops.  Cue: volume of the music falls

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