The Voice of My Generation

The 103rd year of the Chronicle has commenced, and with it comes the annual Sarcasm Contest among the paper’s editorialists. As my last sentence showed, I’m no stranger to dry humor, but its preponderance among writers is starting to worry me. Mockery is an effective response to the arrogant, so it’s been at home in political thought ever since Thersites, but now it seems like the default voice for all blogs, from sports to gossip. Self-importance has pervaded every aspect of our culture, and someone needs to pop those bubbles, but if half the writers are bloviating, and the other half are lacerating, who will tell the world about what’s actually beautiful?

If we don’t hear it, our spirits will corrode. Yet the stories are out there. Life has always been awe-inspiring, but now the world is coming together in a million ways that were never possible before. Walls are falling! Libraries from Alexandria to DC are moving their bookshelves online! The ancient peoples are uniting! So why so many weary and deconstructive voices? It doesn’t! Have! To be this way! Find the Good, or make it!*

*Apologies to Hannibal.

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