Bad baseball is like unrequited love

I’m currently writing an entry about Spain, but beforehand, I’d like to post a conversation which my friend Jeff and I had on Facebook the other day. It’s technically about the Baltimore Orioles, our favorite baseball team, but it applies to fans of any horrible teams. (Cubs fans and Democratic Party fans, take note.)

Jeff: James, our poor O’s got trounced last night [13-0 to the White Sox]. How do I learn to give up on them? How?
James: Being an Orioles fan is like being in love with a beautiful woman who doesn’t care much for you. You have to use your head as well as your heart. You have to love her without desiring anything in return so you won’t feel depressed every time you see her. Deep down, the O’s are my team, and I’ll never leave them, but I also know that under current management, they’re never going to leave 4th place, and I don’t expect anything more. Instead, I try to appreciate all the other teams and players that are out there.
Jeff: haha that’s an awesome comparison. It’s kinda like you know that one day the beautiful woman will love you, but not for the foreseeable future because she’s got this terrible boyfriend. One day the O’s will be atop the AL east, but not while Angelos [the owner] is here.

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