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Poor airline service helps airports

July 31, 2005

Airport restaurants and shops are dependent upon bad airline service. People generally want to get in and out of an airport as quickly and cheaply as possible because airports are places of travel, not fun. You have to drag your carry-on bags everywhere you go; everything is too expensive; you’re surrounded by strangers, and most importantly, you have a long way to go and very little time to do it! This would be a terrible market if not for the abundant delays, cancellations, and long layovers that plague big airlines. Since you can’t leave for a couple hours, you might as well look around. After a couple hours of waiting, you’re probably hungry, so you’d better get something to eat. Soon, you’re out of cash, but you don’t feel guilty because there was nothing you could do about it. You can’t arrive late the next time you fly because this plane might take off on time. You can’t start going to a better airport because there’s only one in your city. So, these convenience stores thrive because of your inconvenience.