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Can’t you see it?

June 23, 2005

Every couple months, I reflect that dogs can’t see colors, and neither could 1930s video cameras, but I can. Suddenly, the world in front of me explodes. Clothing, interior design, books, bottles of sunscreen – everything I see is now vibrant and beautiful. I am proud of mankind because we can now produce color so easily. Purple, so rare in the natural world that only the royalty had access to it, now has equal status in the crayon box with brown, blue, and green. I thank God for making such a wonderful place. I have always had sight, I am now seeing.

Then I get back to whatever I was doing before because I can’t just sit around looking at colors all day. (I have father Adam to thank for that.) After a while, I forget what I saw, and the world seems dull again. I’m just like the dog and the ancent camera. Fortunately, this Eden is not closed off forever. I just have to remember to come back, and suddenly, I’ll be there. That, however, is the hardest part.


Potential slogan for Lincoln Tech

June 16, 2005

“Carpentry skills…computer programming skills…employers dig laborers with skills. Do you have skills?”