Will we ever run out of songs to make? And hey, what kind of music do you like?

When I was about ten years old, I deduced that there are only a limited amount of musical notes and a limited number of ways to play them. Therefore, some day, the human race would run out of songs. I would no longer find joy in music because everything I’d heard would remind me of something else.

Well, the human race is much more versatile than I expected. I’m still waiting!

Have you ever asked a person what music he liked, and had him answer, “Everything”? I have heard this answer many times. It’s maddening. Of course you like everything; everyone does. Still, you must have a style of music, or a particular band or symphony or musical that is most dear to you. It makes you feel a certain way, or it helped you get through a difficult time in your life, or it reminds you of one of your happiest moments. When someone asks you what kind of music you like, talk about this music. Then you’ll really be communicating.

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