The Ballad of Jungle Gym

The spider, guard of our backyard,
He counts the hours ’til summer,
The days he waits to sate his Kate,
In fact, are without number.

In days of youth and falled-out tooth
This friend was like a fortress,
But girls of ours, they soon drive cars
And say, “I’m too old for this.”

Children grow, but ’tis not so
For baseball cards and wagons,
Potato Heads and light-up Keds
And rascally, roaring dragons.

Why grow we old? And start to scold?
When did our lives turn tragic?
They shriek, they sigh, they seethe, they cry,
Who work to spoil the magic.

Oh Lord! When you descend again
Perhaps there’ll be no reason
For Jim to wait and wait and wait,
And hate the fate that took his Kate,
And pray for mates to recreate
The love that filled his seasons.

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