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Carmel in Winter

February 6, 2003

This town seems so sterile sometimes. I think there’s something to it, though. It’s funny that everyone wants to get out of town, when they’ve never really thought about where they actually are. Carmel in winter reminds me of the covers of those old 70s albums where the person is sitting outside and being one with nature, and it’s supposed to look really beautiful, but the technicolor is rather flat, so instead you wonder if the people were as dim and fuzzy as the weather. (Here’s some examples if you don’t know what I’m talking about: 1 | 2) It’s times like these when I feel awfully old, as if I was actually alive during the 1970s, and I was out there sitting under the shade in the dull sunshine with John Lennon and walking through the grainy old city with Bob Dylan. I think that people a lot of people define their reality by how it looks on their television set. You may have laughed at Calvin’s Dad when he said that color wasn’t invented until the 1940s, and that artists were just insane, but in a way, he’s right. The general public thought in terms of black and white back then. The monochrome lobby is a distinct minority now. Most people would rather have a color television.