Chalk Zone lifts my spirits

The other day, I saw a cartoon on Nickelodeon that I really liked. It’s called “Chalk Zone.” It’s about an aspiring young (9-10 yrs old) artist named Rudy. The only other person that understands his love for art is a nerdy girl named Silvia Sanchez. Rudy finds magic chalk that teleports him to a world entirely made of chalk art (with a hero of his own creation named Snap). There, everything he draws with the magic chalk becomes real, and he and Snap go on adventures saving all the chalk people and themselves. The short sketch the cartoon is based on won an Annie Award a few years ago. What I really like about this cartoon is its encouragement for creative kids. It shows that imagination is cool, as “Doug” did a few years back. When I was younger, I used to create worlds for myself in my notebooks, just like the ones in my video games (though mine weren’t entirely original, heh). All the other kids I knew thought it was kind of strange, but I thought it was awesome, and so did my friend Brian (who moved to Michigan). Brian and I would imagine ourselves in RPGs and play for hours and hours.

I miss that world. “Growing out of it” in junior high really was a mistake; I’d love to get back to it. I’m happy that there are still cartoons like “Chalk Zone” that encourage it. People don’t talk about imagination once you reach high school, but it’s good to know that it’s still alive and well somewhere.

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