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Eulogy for Laura Steffel

July 2, 2002

Laura Steffel was my high school classmate.

She died today.

How can I write a eulogy for someone I never knew? I couldn’t. My only firsthand impressions of her were just that – impressions. I saw her around. We shared a math class and some friends. And that’s about it.

But you know what? Even if I’d never even seen her or talked to her, I’d still mourn her. She was an amazing person. An absolutely amazing person. She fought adult liver cancer for two years, and even had it beaten once. It was hard, and it was painful. Sheer pain for days, weeks, years. Yet she loved God and humanity just as much, if not more, with each passing day. That, in my mind, is true heroism. It’s hard to stand up to a great challenge, especially one of that magnitude. It’s even harder to do it with love.

And yet she had love. It was obvious in everything she said and wrote and did, and I can see it in her friends. She knew she could die any day of the week, and I think she got everything she could out of what she had. She lived well; she loved well. Who could ask for more?

Laura Steffel is a hero. A saint? I know not, but I’d say it’s possible. The impact she’s made on other people’s lives will last forever.